1400mW Green Show Laser

Green laser at 532 nanometres is the brightest of all laser colours.  This is why it is the most popular colour.

As bright as a 7w Argon gas laser, our 1.4w Green Lasers are powerful enough for an Arena but only require a very small amount of power and NO WATER COOLING!

High speed scanners deliver mid air effects, animated graphics and text.

1400mW (1.4 Watt) Total Output
Green 532nm 1400mW


Modulation Speed: 10KHz Analogue Modulation

Scanner speed: ILDA  40Kpps,+/-25 deg (Max 60.000pps)

X/Y Scan Angle max:70° optical

Beam Properties:ca. 3mm/1mrad

Operational Modes:
Music Activated,
Auto, (Master/Slave)
DMX512  (20ch) ,
ILDA 25pin  (Pangolin etc)   

Size: L420 x W270 x H140mm   
Weight: 11kg   
Power Req: 90-250VAC / 300VA

$300 per day ex GST