iLaser 200mW Green DMX Show Laser

Our most affordable green lasers are capable of spectacular mid air effects and animated graphics, and are best suited to smaller venues.

The sound activation mode has to be seen to be believed.

You don't need an operator with these lasers ... just turn them on and off using the cabled remote and let the sound activation take over.

If you are a control freak, you can still control them via DMX

200mW (0.2 Watt) Total Output
Green 532nm 200mW
Modulation Speed: 10KHz Analogue Modulation
cell 3Scanner speed: 15.000pps
X/Y Scan Angle max: 68° optical
Beam Properties:ca. 3mm / 1.0mrad


Operational Modes:
Music Activated,
Auto, (Master/Slave)
DMX512  (14ch)

Size: L365 x W256 x H147mm   
Weight: 5.3kg   
Power Req: 120-250VAC / 120VA

Laser protection class: 4
Laser Safety: compliance to IEC 60825-1
Fitted with Key Switch to prevent unauthorised use and mechanical aperture cover.
Auto shut down on case open.
Cabled remote Emergency Stop

$90 Per day ex GST