LED FX Panel

Our LED Effects Panels are 1.8m and 1.6m long and comprise of 8 zones, each 200mm x 200mm. each Panel has 240 LEDs (80 Red, 80 Green, 80 Blue).

They are a very unique effect and to our knowledge, we are the only company in Australia to have them.

They can run stand alone, via a dedicated controller or DMX.

There are a number of DMX modes selectable, allowing for basic DMX control of inbuilt macros or 2 zone, 4 zone and 8 zone operation. (6, 9, 15, 24 or 27 channel)

24 channel mode allows for simple RGB control of each zone via DMX ... 27 channel mode adds remote control of inbuilt macros and sound activation.

When set to audio, they become giant VU Meters that dance to the beat and change colour.  Audio mode can be preset or called up via DMX.

Click here to see a video of FX Panels in action.

$82.50 per day inc GST