DMX Cold Spark Fountain Effect

Our DMX Controlled Cold Spark Shower Fountains are electrically operated and fire upwards. They are non-pyrotechnic devices and require no permit or additional insurance.

They fire metallic silver 1cmSQ fire retardant confetti 5-6m in the air.

The confetti is up-lit by white LEDs to give it the appearance of falling sparks.

The machines can give multiple shorter bursts or a single sustained burst of more than 60 seconds before re-loading.

The confetti lands in a 1.5-2m radius around the machine.  If a large volume of confetti has been fired, it can represent a slip hazard and should be swept up promptly.

Voltage:  240v
Power:  200W
Weight:  12Kg (Unloaded)
Size:  500 x 300 x 300mm (HxWxL)

 We do not recommend re-using swept up confetti as any dirt that has been collected will be propelled in the air.  This would represent a danger to people's eyes and also potentially damage the machine.