Antari HZ500 DMX Dry Hazer

 Dry haze: the HZ-500 produces very dry haze, which does  not generate redundant moisture.

Extremely small particles: HZ-500 makes incredibly tiny particulates. Thus, the haze can be distributed through air further and faster. In addtion, this means a greater hanging time.

Metal net and filter in the intake prevent clogging.  

Super low fluid consumption rate: 20 hours / per litre 

A compact flight case is included making the unit tougher and easy to transport.

 - Power: AC120V/AC230V/AC240V, 50Hz-60Hz
 - Output: 2,800 cu. ft. / min.
 - Fluid Tank Capacity: 2.5 L
 - Consumption Rate: +20 hours continuous / per litre
 - LCD Timer Panel Controller Included
 - Compact Flight Case Included
- Weight: 31.5 kg
 - Dimension (mm):  L510 x W375 x H350
 - Liquids Used: Antari X Haze Oil or X Haze H20
 - On-board 5-pin DMX


CAUTION: Hazers activate Smoke Alarms ...

Low-noise: Below 70dB at 10 cm distance.