Low Floating Fog Machine

ICE - Low Lying Fog machine 1000w heater ice chamber holds up to 10kg of ice 5ltr fog tank

Avoid the hazards and expense in dealing with Dry ice. The Antari ICEFOG with built in DMX is the first of its kind. Producing the ever popular low-lying smoke of a dry ice machine but without the danger.

10 kg of normal ice placed in the ice chamber will last up to 80 min of continuous use or up to 12 hours of intermittent use. Includes the Z8 remote control with timer function.

* Power: 240VAC 1050w 50Hz
* Power indicator: on mains switch
* Output: 1000W heater, 285m3/min, 10000 ft3/min
* Warm up time: 4.5 min
* Tank Capacity: 5L
* Fluid Consumption: 1.5L / Hr
* Included accessories / features: Z8
* Weight: 24.4Kg
* Dimensions: L617.5mm x W355mm x D359 mm
* Construction: Steel silver and black

Even Low Foggers can activate
Smoke Alarms!

$110 per day inc GST
(Includes 5L fluid)
Just add ice cubes!