Antari S-200 Snow Machine

The Antari S-200 is a powerful, high-pressure, large-output machine that produces abundant amounts of snow.
This machine is top of the Antari range and is hailed as a "quiet machine" (it is a drastic improvement on the other machines in the range but still far from silent).

* Power: 240VAC
* Power Consumption: 600W
* Operating Frequency: 50Hz
* Power lead: IEC
* DMX: Ch1: Volume
* Variable Output
* Output power / level: 30Psi
* Tank Capacity: 5L
* Fluid Consumption: 140mL / Min or 429s / L
* Approx 35 minutes continuous operation per 5 litre tan

* Hanging Bracket
* Weight: 15Kg with fliud
* Dimensions: L 525 W 276 H 227.5
* Construction: Steel silver

$99.00 per day ex GST   
Additional Fluid $38.50 per 5 litres